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TH - International Marketing Intern with digital and social media

Placement:TH - International Marketing Intern with digital and social media
Placement Location:Warwick
Application Deadline:18th April 2018

Vacancy Description

Start Date: April / May 2018

Duration: 5 - 6 months

* Host Company is looking for a German with Spanish or Spanish with German language skills desirable.  Company will also consider you if you only have either German or Spanish language. 

The Host Company

The host organisation is a UK based company specialising in the development of innovative handheld measuring products using inertial motion sensing technology (accelerometers, gyros and magnetometers).

Their first product, is a smartphone app that uses inertial measuring technology to enable a smartphone to become a viable alternative to a tape measure, measuring dimensions and angles over distances up to 100 metres.

The Placement 

Assist the Managing Director in developing the international activities of 3D
Technologies and generating exposure and new business in foreign markets.

A. Market Research

Contributing significantly in the development of the market research done in house (primary and secondary data collection)

  • Developing further innovative ways of researching new markets and analysing the potential for the host organisation in those markets
  • Preparing market research briefs and writing questionnaires
  • Analysing and interpreting data to identify patterns and solutions
  • Writing detailed reports and presenting results
  • Advising senior management how to best use the research findings
  • Creation of international marketing strategy document for appropriate territories, focusing on marketing and cultural differences compared to the home market
B. Pre-sales & Post sales customer service 
  • Responding to international customer requests and queries in native language.
  • Resolving international customer issues.

C. Marketing Communications

  • Planning, establishing, implementing, coordinating and monitoring any marketing activities related to the international side of the Host Company.
  • Developing marketing communication materials to generate sales. 
  • Coordinate and promote any of the host company's international activities on all social media platforms, PR, Website, etc
D. Social Media Management
  • Managing the "company's own brand"  through social media sites in designated language(s)
  • Creating and maintaining content for international social media platforms; websites, blogs etc.  
  • Working with our UK social media team to ensure consitent content across all domestic and international social media platforms. 
  • Recruiting and managing a part-time student network to create and maintain content for social media platforms, websites, blogs etc in their designated language.
  • Engaging with followers on international social media sites and respond in native language(s) to customer comments.
  • Advertising managment and feedback.
E. Digital Marketing 
  • Creating content and manage international digital and social advertising (e.g. Google, Facebook, Twitter) campaigns in native language(s).
  • Video content production and management for social campaigns.
  • Maintaining, analysing and interpreting international marketing analytics data. Recommending and implementing resultant changes to marketing campaigns.
  • Creating content for email marketing campaigns, and managing campaigns. 
F. Translations
  • Translating marketing materials in to native language (s) for all social media platforms, PR, websites etc.
  • Translating product documentation and user interface text into native language(S)
  • Translating customer service documentation into native language(s).
  • Co-ordinating translation of the above materials into non-native languages using our part time students network. 

The Ideal Student  

A. Qualifications and previous work experience Essential

  • Completed or currently studying for a degree or equivalent in marketing, business administration or any other business related degree
  • One of the following languages: German, Spanish
  • Work experience within market research
  • Team-working
  • Tri-lingual with one of the following languages:  German, Spanish,  French, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, Arabic
B. Competencies Core competencies
  • Working with others to achieve a common goal
  • Taking a creative and innovative approach to work
  • Analytical thinking - able to effectively seek and analyse information
  • Communicating with influence
  • Presentation, sales and negotiating skills
Additional competencies
  • Attention to detail
  • Awareness of business needs and ethics
  • International culture awareness
  • Organising and planning skills
C. IT Literacy
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Windows software - Office Suite, PowerPoint, Word, Excel
  • Familiarity with image editing software. 
  • Familiarity with email and electronic means of communications including business process management
D. Personal style and behaviour
This is a key position and the candidate must have excellent interpersonal and
communications skills, as they will be communicating with professionals at all levels.
The post holder must:
  • Possess drive, energy, and the will to succeed
  • Be positive and have a pro-active outlook to improvement opportunities and problem solving
  • Have a drive to learn new skills and adapt to change
  • Show a willingness to take on responsibility and grow within the role/team
  • Be a team player, with the ability to work as part of a team and be proactive in the team's advancement and development
  • Have good organisational and planning skills so as to be able to manage and prioritise workload
  • Be comfortable multi-tasking