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Case Studies - Micro-Mesh

Micro-Mesh Benefits from ISPO Interns 

Chamber member Micro-Mesh, a leading UK filter manufacturer, which exports to countries throughout the world including Germany, Belgium and China, prides itself on its people, products and performance. Through its work with ISPO, which works with the region’s business community to match companies’ specific requirements with that of ambitious, dedicated and skilled international students, the Nottingham-based company has been able to enhance all three of these facets.

Micro Mesh

“We selected our first ISPO student in 2008 following some research into the Polish mining and rail markets,” explains James.

“We attended an exhibition in Gdansk and found that, although we had a very positive response and picked up a lot of enquiries, once we were back in the UK it was difficult to keep the relationships going.
“It was at this time we heard about ISPO and decided to invest in an overseas student from Poland.”

In the eight years that have passed, Micro-Mesh’s relationship with ISPO has gone from strength-to-strength, enabling it to attract highly motivated, willing and capable international students.

“We have used ISPO students for many different tasks over the years, from researching overseas markets, helping to set up meetings with potential overseas customers and involvement in exhibitions,” says James.
“More recently, we have invested in two students at once, Iris and Fabio, and they have become our ‘marketing department’, and are involved in everything from website and brochure design, email campaigns, social media and advertising.

The value ISPO students add to the whole company is something James is particularly impressed with, as he explains.

“The students have always been of the highest calibre and bring fresh ideas to the company and enable us to concentrate on driving the business through innovation and new products.”

The benefit is clearly twofold with Iris and Fabio, from Germany and Spain respectively, full of praise for the company and the way in which it is enhancing their skillset and professional outlook.

“We are in charge of overall Micro-Mesh marketing, increasing its visibility, brand awareness and reach through different channels in order to boost revenues,” explains Iris.

“On one hand, we are giving Micro-Mesh a voice online, generating new leads and potential customers with our digital marketing activity, and on the other hand we are also creating printable content.

“I think UK business culture is a reflection of UK economy and society. It is a very dynamic and professional environment. We have been very fortunate to work for a family business like Micro-Mesh. The treatment we received was second to none, we really felt integrated.”

The significant role ISPO has played in ensuring both Iris and Fabio have received the best possible experience from their international placement is also something the students are keen to point out.

“ISPO provided us with everything we needed very quickly and has looked after us since the very first day,” explains Fabio.

“We would certainly recommend ISPO to any student thinking of developing themselves professionally and culturally overseas. It provides an excellent service and is certainly something we are extremely grateful for.”

“We would be very happy to recommend ISPO to other companies and have done on many occasions,” concludes James.

“My advice to other companies would be to join up and try a student, but don’t just think it for exporting companies, ISPO students can be used for many different activities within your company so keep an open mind and use the services that are available."

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