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CB - Marketing and administration role

Placement:CB - Marketing and administration role
Placement Location:Derby
Application Deadline:28th February 2018

Vacancy Description

Start Date: February 2018
Duration: 5-6 months

The Host Company

The host company has been in operation since 1991 and provides software services and solutions to organisations across a range of sectors, both public and private. The company is located in Derby and has developed a respectable reputation. They offer their clients solutions to assess, monitor, benchmark, track and test their employees, for example during periods of training. These software solutions are intended to present the company's clients with a recognised standard for realising the true value of their workforce, enabling business talent to be valued, measured and exchanged.

The Placement

The host company is looking for a student to take part in a varied and dynamic internship for between 5 and 6 months. This placement opportunity is a great chance to enhance any CV and allows potential for career development in the future. The successful applicant will be involved in a role that covers a large number of areas closely related to business studies like sales, marketing, research, client administration and exhibiting.

The role will involve communicating with both current and potential customers via a range of different communication methods, including telephone, email, direct mail, networking events and exhibitions.

As well as building and maintaining client relationships, the student will be required to carry out strategic research that is intended to uncover information leading to the creation of sales strategies.

The student will also be responsible for analysing appropriate advertising and marketing opportunities and presenting cost versus benefits analysis to decision makers.

In addition to these responsibilities the student will be involved in the improvement and maintenance of electronic contact management databases, preparing sales reports, organising sales meetings, and the preparation for exhibitions and conferences.

The Ideal Student

  • Fluent in Spoken and written English
  • Experienced in spreadsheets and databases (ideally, although not essential)
  • Confident
  • Good Communicator